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Friday, August 5, 2016

Seduction of Fear / A 2016 Voter Review


Before betting on a horse it is important to review the record of all the entries including jockeys entered in the race. Additionally, preparation and temperament are important considerations in choosing the horse and rider best suited for the requirements of that specific race.

Selected candidates running for the cherished winner's circle of the 2016 Presidential 'Stakes' vary in experience, style, objectives, and temperament. Not all who continue to run the oval track leading to the oval office are equally conditioned based on such criteria. In considering the 2016 Presidential election, it is assumed that an effective leader will exhibit the character of a sympathetic person with empathic understanding of the needs of all sharing our Nation's landscape. It appears increasingly clear that one candidate's racing stride lacks the strength of character necessary for carrying responsibly such a weighted consideration. 

Donald Trump has brazenly demonstrated the arrogance of self aggrandizement in declaring his entitlement to be the supreme voice of voters. Droppings of bigotry and hatred have been used to fertilize and transform a political environment from 'fields of dreams' to 'fields of fear'. His racing priority list includes the division of families and groups within our Nation's borders, separation from the international community, and little interest in global concerns. Religious faith and scientific evidence have no influence in sculpturing an agenda steeped in denial. Integrity and compassion have no influence in his prejudiced protocol. Instead, the jockey's whip is used to demean and persecute the less fortunate and disadvantaged. Donald's emotional posturing, including verbal assaults, suggests a candidate unclear of the difference between dedicated democratic leadership and absolute rule. His ideas of governing are similar to historically intolerant political regimes where leadership became ruler-ship, individual rights became severely restricted, and extreme militarism was a showcase event to the world. Trump is addicted to the illusion of power and its requirement of control. His representation is designed for the privileged few, of which he is one. Donald's retort to not knowing personal sacrifice included nothing of human or emotional value. Instead, he lays claim to personal sacrifice by making available the benefit of salary for workers in the construction of his invested properties including towers and golf courses. His response is a twisted, unrecognizable view of sacrifice that bears no similarity to the suffering of great personal loss in defense of our country. His candidacy has been a dim, shrouded effort revealing immaturity, ambiguity, defensiveness, and nonsense while resisting all efforts of transparency. His vision of political success is challenged by self inflicted controversy. The 'champion' of fear scolds all who choose anything other than a darkened environment. His racing technique lacks the brilliance and enlightenment of aptitude, attitude, and aspiration characteristic of a nominee seeking the presidential office of the United States of America, and is repugnant to all who's faith facilitates healing.

Other seemingly more qualified candidates are distinguished by their success in politics. Hillary Clinton's sensitivity to the special needs of the disadvantaged in our Nation and the world is well documented. However, massaging corporate America's financial and political special interests, questionable veracity, and an unscrupulous DNC (Democratic National Committee) acting on her behalf detracts from an extensive and dedicated career. While Hillary's view of the tract remains spattered with a dirty mixture of speculation and fact her vision is not blurred by intellectual and emotional myopia exhibited by her most celebrated critic Donald Trump. Dysfunctional characteristics in this race favor Donald's life as a 'champion' of the pessimistic, hateful, and mean-spirited. Extreme volatility accompanies his political posturing as a contender who lacks empathy for others while seeking mostly self gratification. 

The brilliance of a political system colored by unity, compassion, fairness, equality, and global concerns draws attention to arguably the most revered of the racing entries. These distinctively vivid colors blended by compromise distinguishes the politically unfettered contestant called Bernie Sanders. The icon of wisdom does not wear dismal fabrics threaded by fear and stitched with controversy. Voter response favoring Bernie knew that a politically unchained candidate was better positioned to achieve even commonly held Democratic objectives with the greatest margin of victory. Unfortunately for Bernie and impassioned followers, voter response was outweighed by maneuvering and jostling near the final bend of the political race track by the DNC. Manipulation of race strategy effecting votes by DNC officials undermined a long standing stipulation of fairness irrespective of super delegate pre race commitments. The severe pain of betrayal within the Democratic Party disabled a surging effort to make ineffective a biased racing protocol. Presently the spirit of the Progressive Movement and Democratic agenda share in common an equal rights landscape worth celebrating thanks to Bernie's intervention. Because of a strong showing by the Progressive Movement passionate concerns and ideas emphasized by Bernie were adopted into the Democratic Party platform. As a result, government reform will emphasize a progressive agenda where the voter's voice is supreme. Like other successful competitors of the race track Bernie's stature remains prominent with political breeding opportunities within Democratic fields of blue and elsewhere. 

The finish line will welcome the one remaining candidate who with soulful ambition has run for the rights of all. It will be the candidate who understands the difference between hope and hate, and that diversity is essential in the discovery of oneness. While each political candidate implores God's blessing of America one from the shadows of fear appears unfamiliar with scriptural reference to His blessing being reserved for people and nations who work for peaceful unity, i.e., peacemakers.

~ Douglas C. Myers, PhD / Counseling Psychologist, Author

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Warming Trend To Consider

Wild Geranium
Warmth is the vital element for the growing plant
and for the soul of the child. Carl Jung, M.D.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Insight Spawns Inspiration !

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